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The BOTTEGA brand is the result of the work of three generations of Italians  involved in the world of wine and grappa.

The BOTTEGA brand     
Distilleria Bottega is the company  located at Bibano di Godega S.U (TV), 45 km from Venice and a short drive from Conegliano Veneto , the romantic  capital of the Prosecco growing region and the throbbing heart of the tradition of Grappa. The premises are located in a large, 19th century farmstead surrounded by 30 hectares of vineyards.

Importing this well established international brand into South Africa was the brainchild of Franco Vignazia the Director of Profumi D’Italia Marketing CC in South Africa during 2005 who was then joined by his daughter Giuliana in June 2008.

A traditional Italian family business was born  with all the passion and fire focused on sourcing premium quality products of  Italian Grappa and Prosecco.
Franco & Giuliana spent much time introducing the South African consumer to the world of Italian Grappa, its digestive health benefits and modes of enjoyment eg Grappa and Dark Chocolate as an ideal combination for an after dinner pleasure

Profumi D’Italia Marketing CC specializes in importing a range of quality Grappa & Prosecco  products from Italy, including a spectrum of exquisite-tasting Pure Alexander Grappa, Bottega Chocolate Grappa Liqueurs , Bottega Fruit Grappa Liqueurs , Bottega  Prosecco and Sparkling wines with a special focus on the BOTTEGA brand.

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