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Grappa Alexander Bianca

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Type: Pinot, Glera, Tocai

Grappa Alexander is the “best seller” bottle of the trademark Alexander. Distillate with an important pedigree, it is the result of a peculiar mixing of the marcs of Pinot, Tocai and Glera, grapes which are particularly diffused in Veneto and  give origin to

prestigious wines, very appreciated into the wine-world. The original dark green-coloured bottle is available in 5 different capacities : 5, 50, 70, 150 and 300 cl. The Jeroboam Server version contains 3 litres of distillate and has a special tap at the bottle base.


Origin: Veneto, Italy.
Alcohol degree: 38% vol.

Characteristics and production process: This grappa is made from the grapes of the Pinot, Glera and Tocai vines, the most widespread in the eastern Veneto region. The marcs, still warm and winy, are steam distilled in alembics, so they conserve all the intensity of the fragrance and flavour of the original grapes. It produces a white, soft and fragranced grappa that is refined in steel barrels for 6 months so that all the aromas can mix together perfectly.

Colour: Transparent and crystal-clear

Nose: fresh and especially exotic fruit, apples and pears, with hints of wild flowers 

Taste: fresh, firm, modern  
Aftertaste: lingering fragrance of fresh fruit

Recommended glass: Alexander “Slang”
Serve at: 15° C, in summer 7°, or straight from the freezer, climate permitting


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