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Grappa Alexander di Moscato

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Type: Moscato Grape

This superior line of the Alexander brand features a rich range of the best monovariety grapes, produced using selected grape marcs. The best monovarieties of Italy have been carefully selected to satisfy

the palates of the most refined connoisseurs of distilled spirits. Monovitigni Alexander, a name that has acquired prestige, contain high quality “eau de vie” in every bottle.


Place of Origin: Hills of Asti (Piedmont), Italy.
Vine: Moscato
Alcohol content: 38% vol.
Colour: Colourless and crystal-clear

Characteristics and production process: The Moscato Alexander grappa is made from the fresh, golden marcs of the white Moscato grape. It is distilled in steam stills without raising the alcohol content too high, to allow all the intense aroma to be captured. We obtained a smooth and perfumed “eau de vie” that is left to rest in steel barrels for 6 months, to allow time for the aromas and scents to blend.

Nose: Fruits, officinal herbs.
Taste: Persuasive, without tartness, smooth.
Aftertaste: Marked fruity scents

Recommended glass: Alexander “Slang”
Serve at: 11°C

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