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Bottega Grappa Nero

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Item Code: 1067
Type: Dark chocolate liquor

Description: It is a liquor made with dark chocolate and grappa. The elegant packaging of the bottle completes the product profile.

Origin: Veneto

Organoleptic characteristics
Color: Dark brown
Nose: Aroma of dark chocolate and grappa

Taste: recalls the essence of pure chocolate


Characteristics and production process
It is characterized by moderate alcohol content and an all- encompassing taste of pure chocolate. The penetrating aroma stimulates the nose, its softness satisfies the palate. The addition of grappa from Veneto gives to this liquor an undisputed personality.

Reccomended glass: Tumbler
Service temperature: 3° C

Serving suggestions: The moderate alcohol content makes this product an excellent after dinner drink, to consume preferably cold, not only after meals but also in every moment of the day.

Use within: 18-24 months


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