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Latte Macchiato Bottega

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Characteristics and production process: After a long period of research and experimentation, Distilleria Bottega has customized the milky coffee liqueur by introducing the best grappa from Veneto in the infusion. Our top quality distillates perfectly blends with coffee and

milk aroma. In this way, we have obtained a liqueur that is really easy to drink with its 15° alcohol: the perfect choice that satisfies the taste of a wide consumer range, including women and young people. The typicality of the product, way of distillation, use of grappa, and its Italian name « Latte Macchiato » makes it a very attractive product.


Origin: Italy
Alcohol content: 15 % vol.

Colour: Light brown
Nose: Familiar scents of Milk and coffee
Taste: Soft and winding aroma
Aftertaste: Fruits notes from the grappa

Recommended glass: Bottega Tumbler glass
Serve at: 6°/7° C

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