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Grappa Gianduia (Brown Choc)

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Item Code: 1056-500ml / 1071-200ml


Description: Gianduia is a creamy pleasantly sweet liquor. It is an Italian liquor made with grappa, milk cream, chocolate and hazelnuts from Piedmont region characterized at the olfactory impact for its persuasive nut chocolate aroma.

In the mouth, the sweet

sensation of the chocolate is accompanied by  the velvet embrace of the cream and by the fruity scent of grappa.


The moderate alcohol percentage makes Gianduia Bottega a classing drink after dinner and it has to be drunk cold.  
It can also be consumed at any time of the day as it is delightful with ice cream (such as vanilla ice cream, hazelnut ice cream, chocolate ice cream) and it is perfect as ingredient for tasty desserts.
The addition of Venetian Grappa gives to this cream a real personality.

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