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Characteristics and production process:  Sambuca is a strong and sweet Italian Liquor originally produced and drunk in the centre of Italy, made with essential oils obtained from the distillation of star anise seeds. It is characterised by a strong perfume of anise. Ideal as

a digestif, it is excellent straight, on the rocks, in coffee or with the classic “mosca” (coffee bean).  Sambuca is a liquor with a marked and lovely taste, which base is constituted by essential oils from the steam distillation of aniseeds. It is perfect as after dinner and can be tasted pure, on the rock, with coffee or with the addition of the “mosca” (coffee been). Moreover, it is ideal with dark chocolate or wild berries. The oval shaped bottle is absolutely innovative and the label recalls Miro’s chromatic suggestions and it conveys warm Mediterranean sensations.


Origin: Italy
Alcohol content:  40 % vol.
Sugar Content:  380 g/l

Colour: colourless    
Nose: intense flavour of anise
Taste:  fresh and harmonic taste is enriched by an
Aftertaste:  gentle floral scents
Recommended glass:  Bottega Liquor glass
Serve at:  4/5 ° C

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