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Item Code: 1072-200ml / 1009-500ml / 1010-750ml

Characteristics and production process:  It is cool, sweet, lightly sour: the lemon liqueur ("Limoncino") evokes pleasant Mediterranean sensations. Within a decade it has lost its character as a typically local product restricted to a few

regions of Southern Italy, and has reached success at national level.


After a long period of research and experimentation, Distilleria Bottega has customized the lemon liqueur by introducing the best grappa from Veneto in the infusion. Our top quality distillate perfectly blends with the peel of juicy lemons from Sicily that are picked and selected in the sunny citrus orchards on the island.

This way we have obtained a liqueur that is easy to drink and not too demanding with its 30° alcohol: the perfect choice that satisfies the taste of a wide consumer range, including women and young people. The natural, almost naturalistic image of this product is closely associated with the lemon, a genuine, precious fruit rich in beneficial virtues.

Origin:  Sorrento e Salerno, not far from Naples
Alcohol content:  30 % vol.
Sugar Content:  270 g/l
Acidity: 16,16 mg/100 ml

Colour:  Bright yellow
Bouquet: intense fragrance of ripe lemon
Taste:  Sweet, full and juicy
Aftertaste:  Light scent of bitter citrus fruit
Recommended glass:  Bottega Limoncino glass
Serve at:  6/7° C

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