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Pineapple Grappa

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Description: This exquisite romantic liquor is obtained by  mixing natural fruit juices of Pineapples  and white grappa from Veneto  from  Venice Italy.  Since the pineapple juice has not been filtered, the beverage has an exclusive but soft flavour which  keeps intact the essence

and vitamins from the pineapple. With a soft acidulated taste, Pineapple Grappa is ideal as digestive, delicious in cocktails or over fruit salads to add a splash of Italian Summer.  Best drunk chilled or with ice. This product evokes the tradition of fresh fruit juices. The deep colours recall the intensity of Italian summers and gives us “Italian Sunsets in a Venetian Glass Bottle”  


Product characteristics :
- is a natural fruit juice with an alcoholic degree of 28°.
- preserves fruit vitamins and substances unaltered.
- The Veneto grappa preserves this product in a completely natural way.
- The range includes: Apple, Pear, Peach, and Melon.
- it should be tasted cold (6°), also “on the rocks”
- it can be drunk as an aperitif, in long drinks, on ice-creams, after meals, in leisure time…


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