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Grappa Cinnamon (Canella)

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Description: The Mediterranean suggestions gave Distilleria Bottega the hint for a grappa with the taste and scent of cinnamon spicy marks. Its digestive properties make it ideal as an after dinner. It can also be used as topping of ice creams

and sorbets. Cinnamon features warm and charming scents.


Origin: Italy.
Alcohol content: 28 % vol.
Characteristics and production process: After a long period of research and experimentation, Distilleria Bottega has customized the Cinnamon liqueur by introducing the best grappa from Veneto in the infusion of Cinnamon.
Colour: Amber
Nose: Spicy with warm Mediterranean scents
Taste: Pleasantly sweet, full-bodied, round and mild
Aftertaste: Elegant hints of cinnamon
Recommended glass: Bottega Tulipano glass
Serve at: 6/7° C



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