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Grappa Blueberry Mirtillo

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Description: The genuine Alpine tradition gave Distilleria Bottega the hint for a grappa with the taste and scent of blueberries. Its digestive properties make it ideal as an after dinner. It can also be used as topping of ice creams and sorbets . Blueberries have

beneficial effects on eyesight.


Origin: Italy.

Alcohol content: 28 % vol.
Characteristics and production process: After a long period of research and experimentation, Distilleria Bottega has customized the blueberries liquor by introducing the best grappa from Veneto in the infusion of blueberries from the Alpine mountains.
Colour: Amaranth with violet tones
Nose: Intense fragrance of wild blueberries  
Taste: Fresh, vivacious and harmonic
Aftertaste: Dry berries and fruits of wood
Recommended glass: Bottega Tulipano glass
Serve at: 6/7° C


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