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Bottega Gold

Bottega Gold -
Item Code: 1064-200ml / 1051-750ml
Description: Vino dei Poeti is the prestigious trademark which evokes the joy with which poets, artists and men of culture toast to life. Prosecco, which comes from a native vine stock, is light, fragrant and high quality Italian wine.


Vine: Glera
Origin: Province of Treviso, Italy.  
Alcohol content: 11.0 % vol.
Sugar Content: 13 – 15- g/l brut
Acidity: 5,5-7 g/l

Characteristics and production process: Prosecco wine has always been the expression of happiness and poetry. With their traditionally early harvest, the glera grapes are distinctively round, with a yellow to green tinge and acidulous and perfumed flavour. Bottega Gold is excellent as an aperitif and it is suitable  both to celebrate  and to be enjoyed at any moment of the day.
Colour: Straw yellow, clear fine and very persistent perlage

Bouquet: Fruity flowery, scents of golden apple and exotic fruit
Taste: Fragrant, fresh, dry and well balanced
Aftertaste: Marked scent of fresh exotic fruit
Recommended glass: Crystal flute
Serve at: 6/7° C


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