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Sparkling Rosè Brut

Sparkling Rosè Brut - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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La Cantina dei Poeti is the brainchild of a convivium of artists and literati, who have in common love for wine and for the pleasures of the table which sublimate into art and poetry. Vino dei Poeti Rosé is a blending

of Pinot Nero and Raboso, which give rise to rosé with a rich personality.


Vine: 60% Pinot Nero e 40% Raboso

Origin: Veneto, Italy.
Sugar content : 13-15 g/l
Alcohol content: 11% vol.
Acidity: 5,00-6,00 g/l

Characteristics and production process: This is an innovative cuvée obtained from Pinot Nero and Raboso grapes, harvested by hand in small baskets and vinified within two or three hours after harvesting. The very soft pressing, carried out using the Vaslin system, provides a very limited yield. This gives it its characteristic rosy hue. It is an excellent aperitif, and combines very well with hors d’oeuvres, light main courses and fish.

Colour and appearance: Intense pink, brilliant, fine and lasting perlage

Bouquet: Aromas of Golden apples and wild berries, mainly raspberries and currants, with slightly spicy touches 20h of cold maceration on the skins.
Taste: Soft, fresh and lively
Aftertaste: Intense flowery touches
Recommended glass: Crystal flute
Serve at: 6/7° C


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