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Vino Del Amore

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Characteristics and production process:  it is a sparkling wine made from moscato grapes grown on the Euganean Hills, an area in central Veneto with famous vine-growing tradition. Vinification occurs after a short fermentation  and the resulting wine has the fresh and

fragrant character of the original grapes. A low alcohol content is obtained by pressing very ripe grapes and letting the wine  become sparkling at low pressure, in this the way a very sweet wine is obtained.


Rebsorte:  moscato
Sugar Content:  88 – 95- g/l dolce
Acidity : 6,5-8 g/l
Origin:  Euganei Hills (PD)
Alcohol content:  6,5% vol.
Colour:  straw yellow with pink shades: fine and persistent perlage
Bouquet: aromatic with scents of moscato grapes, fruity and flowery
Taste:  fragrant, delicate, markedly sweet
Aftertaste:  delicate hints of rose petals
Recommended glass:  crystal flute
Serve at:  6/7° C

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